Monday, February 28, 2011

My Rank of This Season's Top 24

I compiled this list based on their talents,how much I like their vocal,will I buy their album or not,their likability,their personality,etc:

1. Karen Rodriguez (she's just has a velvety tone in her voice. Very delicious in my ear!!)
2. Robbie Rosen (consistently great performances)
3. Lauren Alaina (great vocal,I might be turned off by her annoying personality)
4. Lauren Turner (I love her bluesy rock voice)
5. Pia Toscano (perfect package,great voice,commercial looks)
6. Brett Loewenstern (he's growing on me and I loved that he helped Jacee in the group rounds)
7. Casey Abrams (superb talent,very musical,can be a bit shouty at times)
8. Kendra Chantelle (beautiful woman,her voice captivates me)
9. Tim Halperin (jumped this high on my list because of his Something performance)
10. Jacob Lusk (I love his church style,but don't overdo it please)
11. Thia Megia (somehow her voice is growing on me,although she's just too robotic)
12. Ashton Jones (black diva this year,please pick a great song choice)
13. Haley Reinhart (she tends to overdo it on her melisma,that's what made me like her less)
14. Scotty McCreery (the right song choice can be great for his performances)
15. Stefano Langone (awesome charisma,please don't sing a song that's been done to death)
16. Paul McDonald (his voice isn't my cup of tea but he could impress me definitely)
17. Julie Zorrila (I didn't get anything from her performance,pretty good vocal though)
18. Clint Jun Gamboa (douchebag,but luckily he has great chops)
19. Rachel Zevita (only Speechless that I liked,the rest of them not my cup of tea)
20. Jovany Barretto (just mediocre)
21. Tatynisa Wilson (I'm on the fence about her vocal)
22. Jordan Dorsey (pompous guy,pretty good vocal though)
23. Naima Adedapo (her voice isn't my cup of tea)
24. James Durbin (carbon copy of Adam Lambert,always shouty)

ps: from 4-13 rank,they can be up and down in an instant.

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