Wednesday, March 02, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 24 Guys Performances

First thing first,I don't like the new big stage. I feel that it's smaller and less intimate than the usual stage for the top 24. The contestants already got their make up on. Some of them look so tanned!!
- Clint Jun Gamboa - Superstition
His performance was mediocre. I give it kudos that he can work the stage in his first performance but Ricky Braddy owned that performance on Season 8 Wild Card. No one can come close!!
- Jovany Barreto - I'll Be
Very uncomfortable performance. He's just a cannon fodder. Bye bye Jovany!! At least you can high that high notes,I'll give you that.
- Jordan Dorsey - OMG
This was trainwreck in the making ever since the first note. The vocal was bad. He looks and sounds desperate!! If this isn't the song for you,then why the hell you picked it in the first place??
- Tim Halperin - Streetcorner Symphony (Come On Over)
Ouch he definitely was out of his elements in here. Wrong song choice. He should've been with his piano. Totally can't picture him singing without instrument. He didn't "Do It Well",Jennifer!! Neither did that song of yours back then. Somehow the guys always make me cringe in their first live show.
- Brett Loewenstern - Light My Fire
Oh Brett,I love you but I wish for Colton Dixon to perform right now. It's just a weak performance. Very weird with the hair shaking but very interesting though. He didn't make an impression with that one. America will love him or hate him with that quirky dance.
- James Durbin - You've Got Another Things Comin'
OMG!! I hated it!! At least it stood out from the rest. Good choice maybe for him. I'm so happy for him though,he really enjoyed performing on stage. Can be very inspiring things for all child dealing with autism and asperger.
- Robbie Rosen - In The Arms of Angel
I liked it!! Robbie needs to work out the kinks with the band. His notes sometimes landed not in the right place,maybe the key or something else. He has potential though if he gets more comfortable on that stage
- Scotty McCreery - Letters From Home
I love Scotty when he poses,it's so funny. He's okay,he'll be singing with that low voice like that always. If he picks the right song,it'd be amazing!! Yes,it's very smart to stay in his country lane and shore up all the votes from the country base. He definitely locks for Top 13.
- Stefano Langone - Just The Way You Are
LOL at his footage,they only said he's hot. Seems like a cannon fodder. At first,he started with a thin voice and very awkward delivery but he soared after that. He exudes charisma and he worked that stage well. He hits that high notes. I really love his tone. He can be nasally sometimes,so better watch out for that. Overall,I loved it!! He got potential,just saw it tonight.
- Paul McDonald - Maggie Mae
I expected more from Paul. I think he did okay. The way he moves on stage is very unique though. His soft voice isn't everyone's cup of tea. He's a specific taste. Better be careful not to smile all the time,it's just bordering on creepy for me
- Jacob Lusk - A House Is Not A Home
Solid performance from Jacob. A bit too sassy at the beginning but he brought it in the end. I love his vocal,but tonight I expected more from him.
- Casey Abrams - I Put A Spell On You
Holy shit!! Be very afraid!! Be very afraid!! Casey just schooled all the 11 of thems. If he's not in the Top 3,I would cut a bitch. His performance was totally heartfelt. He felt every lyrics,I felt it too. It was amazing. I don't know how to be more excited after that.

Tonight's rank:
1. Casey Abrams
2. Stefano Langone
3. Robbie Rosen
4. Jacob Lusk
5. Tim Halperin
6. Scotty McCreery
7. Brett Loewenstern
8. Jovany Barreto
9. Paul McDonald
10. Clint Jun Gamboa
11. James Durbin
12. Jordan Dorsey

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