Saturday, March 12, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 13 iTunes Recording Review

- Lauren Alaina (liveless,I don't recognize her voice,lacking of energy like in her live performance,I don't see the point of making this recording,just bland)
- Casey Abrams (I like this recording more than his live,it got more oomph,Casey can translate what he feels through this recording. I love listening to his tone too,less growl. Kudos!!)
- Ashthon Jones (I guess this is better than her live performance,at least she doesn't sing a flat notes. More lively arrangement too. If only for a bit.)
- Paul McDonald (his voice is so soft,even in recording,you can hear every phrases and words succintly. Dunno why but I like this one,I'm surprised. I don't know if I can like the song though.)
- Pia Toscano (I love her phrasing in this,but I prefer Celine's version of this song. Celine Dion's music is perfection to me. At least Pia could do it justice on the stage and got a decent recording of this song. That itself is a great job!!)
- James Durbin (I guess he does a great recording,but his voice is just not my cup of tea. I don't like rock voice. It's not my thing)
- Haley Reinhart (I don't see any differences in this recording versus her live performance. Haley's voice is suitable for country song though in my opinion)
- Jacob Lusk (was he drowsy when he recorded this?? No energy at all,I don't hear any passion being put in this recording,he seemed like winging it in that booth. Plus OMG it's 4 minutes song,if you want to put someone to sleep,better put this song on.)
- Thia Megia (what the heck with this arrangement?? Plus Thia sang it all over the place. Sometimes there is a good melody in there though,especially that instrument. I don't know what instrument it is that produces sound like that)
- Stefano Langone (Is it just me or Stefano's low voice isn't that good?? I don't like his low voice and nope,this recording wasn't good either. Very sleepy and the arrangement just blah)
- Karen Rodriguez (OMG this is just the best recording ever. I really like the melody. I love Karen's voice. It's very suprising. It's been on repeat on my player. I really really like the arrangement too)
- Scotty McCreery (this kid is ready for his music career. His voice is amazing in the recording. He'll probably be the best selling contestant from this seasons' crop. Still,I don't like the song. Somehow it's too boring for me)
- Naima Adedapo (excellent recording,Naima!! Great job!! I'm very impressed. I really love the reggae,the rap,or whatever it is. Really really good!!)

My rank of the studio recording:
1. Karen Rodriguez
2. Naima Adedapo
3. Paul McDonald
4. Casey Abrams
5. Pia Toscano
6. Thia Megia
7. Scotty McCreery
8. Haley Reinhart
9. Ashthon Jones
10. Lauren Alaina
11. Stefano Langone
12. James Durbin
13. Jacob Lusk

Of course,I'm bias about the recordings. A song that has good melody in it,I'd put it higher on my ranking. Must buy this week: Karen and Naima. Probably Scotty for country lover,James for rock fans,Paul and Casey still solid. The rest don't bother.

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