Friday, March 18, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 12 Result Show

- OMG Gaga song on Idol
- I love these kind of mash up ala Glee. Unfortunately,tonight they didn't harmonize well enough. A lot of jarring moment in between.
- Thia Megia CAN sing Born This Way,the rest are stumbling. We get to hear a bit of their capability to sing current song,which is awful mostly. Don't go there,contestants!! Except Thia and Pia (from what I hear).
- Happy St Patrick Day. I love Irish melody.
- They pimped Lauren A & Pia Toscano on that video package.
- Woah Ryan Seacrest skipped Lauren Alaina's ditty.
- Haley Reinhart is in bottom 3 again. Sigh!! Maybe she should sing a bluesy rock song.
- Lee Dewyze's vocal is rough. I really don't like his performance. His run on Idol consists of being pitchy and pimped all the time. Crappy season!!
- I can't stand Black Eyed Peas!!!
- J-Lo is too obsessed with Stefano Langone. Makes me cringe all the time. I wonder what Marc Anthony thinks about that??
-Looks like Ryan always asks some advices from the judges to a contestant who will be in bottom 3. Hmm interesting!!
- What atrocity is this?? Awful!!! I love Fergie as a solo singer but BEP?? Nope!! I hate auto tunes.
- OMG!! Naima Adedapo is safe!! There goes all my points on office pools.
- Woah!! Karen is going home. I thought Latino voters will carry her through. Plus her mom is so endearing and cute. So my early prediction on her audition that she wouldn't make it far enough,is true afterall. A type of singer like her usually doesn't have a chance to go deep in Idol.
- Her voice cracked!! I feel so bad for her!!
- Well,my love of Karen began in her Hollywood Group Rounds,I found out that I love her tone. Plus,her itunes recording last week is the best recording from Idol contestant since Season 8.
- I hate David Cook's boot song. Doesn't have sentimental tone in it. Truly awful version of that song. I prefer Jared Lee - It's Over (Goodbye) for the boot song.
- I wish you well Karen!!

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