Saturday, March 26, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 11 iTunes Recording Review

- Casey Abrams (woah,I enjoy this one. Way better than his live performance. The growl,the background singer,everything just perfect in this recording)
- Thia Megia (again,I'm pleasantly surprised by Thia's tone in this recording. Love this!! No wonder I see many Thia fans in IDF. Although she's robotic in the stage,but I can't deny that she got an amazing tone)
- Jacob Lusk (okay,I must say that Jacob's live performance is a bit overrated by the judges. It was very good but not that great. Anyway,this recording is okay. If you love gospel songs,you must be in orgasm listening to this,but I'm not.)
- Lauren Alaina (what's with the old recording sound? Lauren slay this song in this recording,her voice is ready for country chart but the old motown arrangement is killing me)
- Stefano Langone (I can't do Hello anymore,that song is so popular everywhere,it's not even funny. Since I was a child,that song's been on everywhere,I can't stand it anymore. But at least Stefano did some unique arrangement with this song in the booth,I love the beat and the urban/hip-hop rhytm or whatever you called it. Hands down way better than his live performance)
- Haley Reinhart (I like this one although I don't see any major difference between studio and live version,except that it's longer and more processed)
- Scotty McCreery (this is interesting,with the beat and Scotty's twank voice. Major improvement from its live version)
- Pia Toscano (gosh,so beautiful. Give her a record deal already. We need a modern Celine for this era. Really love her phrasing,her tone,her vocal technique. This song although slow,but Pia killed it in the studio.)
- Paul McDonald (woah,this is good!! I'm very impressed. Paul's raspy soft voice is back on full form in this recording. I really love it. While his live performance made me daydreaming of Adam Lambert's version,this recording gives a different taste of the song.)
- Naima Adedapo (LMAO I'm loving the african dance's words in this song. So unique!! Naima you totally impressed me!! Maybe I can move you up from a contestant I hate to a contestant I look forward to for fun entertainment)
- James Durbin (solid recording,but I prefer the live version. It had more raw and oomph rather than this bland studio version)

My rank:
1. Naima Adedapo
2. Thia Megia
3. Paul McDonald
4. Pia Toscano
5. Casey Abrams
6. Stefano Langone
7. Haley Reinhart
8. Scotty McCreery
9. Lauren Alaina
10. Jacob Lusk
11. James Durbin

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