Saturday, March 19, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 12 iTunes Recording Review

- Naima Adedapo (better than her live version,definitely got some beat in it but feels like a rap song. The melody is almost nonexistent. Why the heck they didn't put more rhytm on this Tina Turner classic?)
- Paul McDonald (I love Paul's soft tone in some part but I'm not a fan of his raspy voice. Definitely way better than his live performance. I love the background singer in the end. Love their harmonization with Paul. Overall,pretty decent recording)
- Thia Megia (OMG is this Thia's voice?? Why so different?? I feel like listening to Thia's mom voice. Although overall,it's good. Better than that awful live performance)
- James Durbin (holy moly,his voice at the beginning surprised me. I didn't recognize his vocal at all. I thought I'm hearing wrong song. But,I must say James's voice sounds like Bon Jovi. Solid recording,me think. He definitely could front a rock band. In the vein of Bon Jovi LOL)
- Haley Reinhart (Haley did a 90's tune in this song. Feel like thrown back into that era. Pretty nice!! I like it)
- Stefano Langone (no wonder people says that Stefano's voice reminds them of Elliot Yamin. I could see some Elliot's tone in his voice. Stefano definitely should sing a soulful song. That's his forte. You really can feel his passionate delivery in this recording. Really good stuff)
- Pia Toscano (this is THE BEST recording this week!! I love love it!! Full of beat,so catchy,fantastic arrangement. Really could see this song being played on Top 40 Radio. Pia should win this competition. I can see her topping the chart in the future)
- Scotty McCreery (it's hard to judge Scotty's recording,since he will be like this every weeks. He definitely ready to record an album. The right song could propel him on the chart. His recording this week though,it's too low of a voice for me. I prefer his live performance)
- Karen Rodriguez (maybe it's just me,but I really love Karen's tone. She excels at singing these type of song. Ballad pop songs. I really love these recording,could be a boring song for many people. But I like it)
- Casey Abrams (dunno what to say about this recording. Awful!! Maybe grunge fans will like this but I hate it. Casey shouldn't do a rock song with a rock arrangement.)
- Lauren Alaina (solid country version. Lauren's tone and vocal is recording ready. She will have a career on country music for sure!! I love the arrangement. One of the best this week!!)
- Jacob Lusk (very smooth!! I'm very impressed!! Jacob has his own take on this song. Very good recording!! I like it. I love the beat on the background)

My rank:
1. Pia Toscano
2. Lauren Alaina
3. James Durbin
4. Haley Reinhart
5. Jacob Lusk
6. Karen Rodriguez
7. Stefano Langone
8. Paul McDonald
9. Thia Megia
10. Scotty McCreery
11. Naima Adedapo
12. Casey Abrams


Danes said...

Did you manage to get all of the Top12 recordings? If you did, let me know where you got them for free. I wanna download them too.

aquayers said...

I searched them manually on google. I got 11 of them from mediafire. Last week I got all of them from one source but this week that person haven't uploaded the new ones yet.