Monday, February 21, 2011

Colton Dixon Does The Hokey Pokey

Colton Dixon from American Idol Season 10 did the hokey pokey on his church. Woah,I didn't know that he can screams (I don't know the word for that) like a metal rocker. Although I must say that when I was a Christian few years ago,I never liked this kind of jumping thing like a kangaroo at church. It's just not my thing.

ps: oh gosh,I hope he's not preachy if he entered the Top 24. At least Kris Allen isn't a preachy person,that's why he got so many fans from other groups like from non religious (agnostic,atheist) groups or GLBT groups. Since Christianity now turns me off big time,I hope he can find the balance not to turn off people.

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awesome (:FE