Friday, February 18, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Hollywood Week Day 3 Solos

I hoped to see great performances and pretty much they delivered.

- Haley Reinhart husky voice blew me away. So great!!
- Ashton Jones gunning for the black diva spot.
- Thia Megia's voice is pretty interesting to me. Not my cup of tea. But we'll see.
- Clint Jun Gamboa. What a douche!! Fortunately he got a fantastic voice. But I won't support him,I can't stand scumbags.
- Carson Higgins always FIERCE!! The big stages need him REALLY BAD!!
- Chris Medina continue to sail on mediocrity.
- Julie Zorrilla was meh
- Colton Dixon's emo voice intrigued me
- Brett Loewenstern is so likable,it's not even funny. He's growing on me. Plus his vocal talent is really good!!
- Robbie Rosen=fantastic,wonderful,spectacular performance!! I love Gravity,he did that song justice!! I'm curious as to why the producers gave him A LOT of airtime!!
- Casey Abrams schooled the rest of the contestants. Very unique performance. Really stands out!!
- Chelsee Oaks has a great voice. I really love her voice,although she's so fragile and emotional. Too bad!!
- Lauren Alaina maintains her lead in this competition for me.
- Jacob Lusk=WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! You got the whole place going,Jacob!! I felt like in a church,enjoying his performance!!
- John Wayne Schultz's "Landslide" rendition was solid. I really like that song,and country's performance always wins my heart.
- WTF is wrong with Ashley Sullivan?? Why she's always have a nervous breakdown??
- Stefano Langone=can't stand his song choice. Really hate that song. Boredddddd.
- Jacee Badeaux=nice performance
- Does Scott McCreery know any other song than his Put The Light Down Low song??? Don't expect to go through to the next round if you use that only 1 song for the rest of the competition,Scotty!!! It's beyond me that he didn't know I Hope You Dance,and he's country guy. Woah!! Craziness!!

Can't wait for next week.

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