Friday, March 05, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 20 Results

They sang "I Gotta Feeling" for the group song,ouch the auto-tunes. It's getting more obvious everyday.

John Park got booted!! He has potential but he couldn't delivered on this show. Disappointment for many people and his fans. He performed a better rendition of Gravity though tonight,more vigor than two days ago.

Jermaine Sellers got axed!! Thanks God,of course God doesn't want Jermaine to taint His holy name any longer. I'm so ashamed that I rooted for him way back in audition.

Danny Gokey sang the hell out of his song,and after that he couldn't STFU!! I'm already neutral about him and now I hate him again. Always rambling rambling and rambling about everything. I abhorred him last year. It's good that he has a pretty good country career. Good for him.

Didi Benami's fate is on the line with her bad song choice yesterday,but Michelle Delamor got eliminated instead. I felt sorry for her. She seemed so sad yet pissed off.

Thanks God,Lacey Brown is still safe. It's the end of the line for Haeley Vaughn. Too bad we can't see the rising of female african american country singer like what the judges hoped for her. She's very inexperience and butchered every songs with her untrained vocal ability. All the girls cried so much because of her elimination. I guess,she's very likable,huh. They must love her so very much.

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