Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 11 Performances (Billboard #1 Hits)

- Lee Dwyze (he is way out of tempo and he's singing like Tarzan's screaming aueoooo aueoooo on every end notes,plus awkward stage movement. His worst performance to date)
- Paige Miles (uh oh very pitchy,the arrangement is weird,her voice is all over the place. The transition from low register to her high register is unpleasant. Her worst performance definitely.)
WTF happened this week???And the next song choice is Queen??WTF??
- Tim Urban (urgh very karaoke,so uncomfortable. I want him to get eliminated soon. I don't have the energy to watch more of his performances in the future.)
- Aaron Kelly (perfect song choice for him although the song's already been done to death on Idol. I prefer Allison's version though. Aaron performed it really well. Still awkward with his hip swinging. Umm why's he wearing lip gloss??)
- Crystal Bowersox (watching Crystal is like watching a pro musician performs. No criticism at all from me. The song isn't my taste though.)
- Michael Lynche (great vocal,great performance,it's astonishing how good he is compared to other karaoke-ish contestants. He really knows his musical identity which is soul R&B)
- Andrew Garcia (why they chose overdone song & oldies songs???I'm gonna puke over the song selection. Andrew is stiff,awkward,has lost his mojo,he's not a frontrunner anymore and I don't think he can rebound at all. This performance is very karaoke-ish. And is he drunk??)
- Katie Stevens (the best song choice of the night,this is definitely what she should sing. A song like this which allow her vocal to shine through and very current. Her best performance to date)
- Casey James (Casey is like Crystal,already a solid performer. I don't hold my breath when I watch him performing if he flounder or not. He gave a solid good performance. I dunno about the song though.)
- Didi Benami (I disagree with the judges although I can see why they said she was playing a character,but she's better than most of the contestants tonight. I love the musical vibe of this performance)
- Siobhan Magnus (just okay performance,she didn't hit that high notes well. I'm afraid it's getting old with this pattern)

I don't get it,why the hell tonight is like this?? So awful,the song choices is like Motown Week. Why can't they pick a current song??

My rank:
1. Crystal Bowersox
2. Aaron Kelly
3. Katie Stevens
4. Michael Lynche
5. Siobhan Magnus
6. Didi Benami
7. Casey James
8. Lee Dwyze
9. Tim Urban
10. Paige Miles
11. Andrew Garcia

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