Sunday, March 21, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Studio Recordings Review

- Michael Lynche (the arrangement bores me to death,he has R&B soul voice for sure. Very good recording voice,but it's not my thing)
- Didi Benami (Didi's voice excels on this recording,with great melodic of the song and arrangement. I love this recording more than her live version.)
- Casey James (very bluesy country rock,I think Casey has the potential to break out on that genre)
- Lacey Brown (she got great recording voice,I love this recording. It's much better than her live performance,since in this recording,all of her off pitchs got corrected.Nice arrangement.)
- Andrew Garcia (I don't like his upper register tone,too screechy and unpleasant in my ear.I might get effin bored if I play this recording over and over again)
- Katie Stevens (I understand why people called her mini McPhee. She has a fantastic recording voice. Give her any hit songs and it'll storm up the chart for sure!!)
- Tim Urban (urgh,the song is so bland,the arrangement is so excruciating. He ruins the song. Just go away,Tim. His voice is not that bad though)
- Siobhan Magnus (I prefer her live version,it has more fire and overdramatic vibe than this recording. I always like this with Adam Lambert's recordings last year,I prefer live version over studio version. Maybe because they edited too much of their voice in the recording booth)
- Lee Dwyze (thanks God,his enunciation problem is gone in this recording. Everybody knows that Lee has a enunciation problem with his live performances. He always mumbles the words. Gosh,I love his recording voice. Since Daughtry,I haven't found a rocker voice that I enjoy from Idol,and I might get it this year)
- Paige Miles (dunno why but this Honky Tonk song is so catchy,each days I got addicted to this song melody. LMAO. Well,Paige has pretty good recording voice,she has rock soul with lil bit country-ish voice. I love it!!)
- Aaron Kelly (looks like we did found ourselves the Country Archuleta that we've been searching for,guys!! I love Aaron's voice,the recording is great,with the right song,we could find him storming up the country chart)
- Crystal Bowersox (a great indie folk recording voice,like way back then in its heyday. But I can't find myself buying her album. Still spectacular voice though,for people who like this kind of genre)

This week's stand out recording: Lee,Paige,Didi,Aaron


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