Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 16 Guys Performances

- Lee Dwyze (oh my gosh,I loved this rendition!!So current & didn't bored me to death like most of the girls performances. Watch out for the pitchy notes though,Lee always tends to ignore that.Because sometimes the notes is verging on excruciating.)
- Alex Lambert (I loved Taylor Hicks's version of this song back in the day but Alex did a good job with it too.A little bit all over the place vocally and the arrangement is a bit faster but still solid)
- Tim Urban (oh my Jesus Lord!!It's so fantastic!!I never in a million years predicted he would make my jaw dropped like what he just did with this performance.Who knows he could soar like that??One of the best performances from the guys this season,I think)
- Andrew Garcia (STFU judges!!I loved this rendition!!His best performance so far since Straight Up,me think.Thanks God,the guys oversang the girls so far tonight.I love every one of their performances,maybe because they pick a current song choice rather than dull old medieval song)
- Casey James (beautiful performance.He hasn't performed as good as his Hollywood Week's performance but this is the right track for Casey. Country bluesy genre.He looked so handsome tonight btw.)
- Aaron Kelly (his beginning notes were too low,and he's swaying left & right. He should work that out because it's so distracting. Amazing vocal though,albeit shakiness in some parts)
- Todrick Hall (woah the beginning falsetto surprised me.It sounded like a female voice but he rocked that performance out tonight.He saved himself definitely from the chopping block.Nice song choice,great performance,not over the top or boring.)
- Michael Lynche (WTH!!His neo soul performance's definitely a showstopper performance so far in the competition. Although neo soul/R&B genre is not my thing but spectacular performance.He's a serious contender for sure,not just milking the wife and baby story.)

Now I'm confuse who'll be going home tomorrow from the guys.Tonight I'm definitely bias with my review because of the song choices.The more current the song choices are,the most likely I rank it higher than the older song choices.Although I try to be objective.

My rank:
1. Michael Lynche
2. Tim Urban
3. Lee Dwyze
4. Andrew Garcia
5. Aaron Kelly
6. Todrick Hall
7. Casey James
8. Alex Lambert

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