Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Performances (Rolling Stones Week)

- Michael Lynche (I enjoyed this performance,it was really really good. He picked the right song,worked the stage,he seemed nervous though in some parts but overall he performed really well)
- Didi Benami (I love how angst she was on that performance. She looked like almost forget the lyrics in the 2nd part of the song,but still a pretty good performance. Different from her usual accoustic style,but she gave it her all in that performance and I could see that)
- Casey James (I love his bluesy rock vibe,completely caught my attention,I loved his vocal,great performance I thought)
- Lacey Brown (urgh,weird arrangement of the song,verging on boring for me. Dunno why but I didn't like it,sometimes too slow,sometimes a lil bit all over the place. It's just okay)
- Andrew Garcia (just meh performance,I applaud him for not playing his guitar again though)
- Katie Stevens (the beginning was pitchy but she soared after that. I LOVE her voice. Different version from Susan Boyle but very good I thought)
- Tim Urban (I hated this reggae sound,but at least he's comfortable in his performance & not making even a single one awkward face. That's good. I couldn't wait for the song to be over though)
- Siobhan Magnus (she looked like some anime character,no,scratch that,she looked like a female vampire. Banshee's scream came out again. The dramatic tempo of that performance was spectacular. Really different from Gina Glocksen's version,but I loved this one. And the scream at the end,woah!!)
- Lee Dwyze (one of the best performance of the night,I loved the melody. I didn't know why he mumbled many words on the lyrics. I never expected that I'd love Lee as a contestant & waiting for his performance every weeks)
- Paige Miles (why the camera shot from the faraway many times? I can see right now why Simon loves Paige. She got big voice. I have hope for her now that she might impress me in the next few weeks if she could find the right song. Nice stage presence for this performance)
- Aaron Kelly (I didn't like the song,it's saying Angie Angie Angie like a broken record. I didn't feel this one. Sorry)
- Crystal Bowersox (pimp spot again,clearly they're pimping her. But this week,I really loved her performance,not the best of the night,but amazing nonetheless)

Overall a pretty good night. I'm impressed.

My rank:
1. Siobhan Magnus
2. Crystal Bowersox
3. Lee Dwyze
4. Casey James
5. Katie Stevens
6. Michael Lynche
7. Didi Benami
8. Paige Miles
9. Lacey Brown
10. Aaron Kelly
11. Andrew Garcia
12. Tim Urban

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