Thursday, April 01, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 10 Result Show

As if this season couldn't get any worse,Didi Benami went home and makes this season even worse than before.

The show started with Clash of The Titans trailer. Seriously,I wanna see that movie. Looks so awesome from the clip.

Ruben Studdard performed a song that doesn't have any hook in them and completely not catchy at all.

Usher performed a pretty okay song,and somehow the way he danced was different than usual,he looked more feminime (his dance).

Katie Stevens was in bottom 3 and the judges fighting over what genre is suitable for her. I don't think country is for her but well,looks like she won't go deep in the competition anyway.

Didi and Tim were in bottom 3 also.

P Diddy was awful

Didi Benami was the one who got the lowest of vote. Her singout was amazing,but the judges didn't save her. It's too bad. The only contestant that blew me away with her Terrified performance in Hollywood Week went home so soon because of her terrible song choices and identity crisis. Who knows Didi can go home this soon??

Next week theme?? Lennon McCartney songbook. Geez,that'd be fun right. Another one of The Beatles theme. That'd sure make the kids perform a spectacular performance. Sigh.

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