Saturday, April 17, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 9 (Redux) Studio Recording Review

- Crystal Bowersox (gosh,this is definitely one of her best recording yet. Her voice is crystal clear and with this catchy song,it completely won me over. If she record an album,she should release a song like this,with up tempo beat)
- Andrew Garcia (another boring recording from Andrew. I just can't picture anyone other than Andrew fanatic fans buying this song)
- Tim Urban (hmm for me,it's boring. Tim's recording voice is so boring. He has nice voice,but something about his voice bores me. However,this is a good song. At least,better than some of his recording. Btw I don't like the last part.)
- Lee Dewyze (ehh,I'm surprised that this particular Lee recording is very rock-ish. Nice arrangement,me think)
- Aaron Kelly (too slow of an arrangement in the beginning,I prefer the live version. Still love the breakdown though. Nice vocal as always)
- Siobhan Magnus (completely boring. I'm shocked!! I just don't care with this recording. Sigh)
- Michael Lynche (nice recording,unfortunately not my cup of tea. Mike could have a good career on R&B music industry though)
- Katie Stevens (great vocal,very rock soul arrangement,what not to love in this recording. I LOVE IT!!! Too bad she gone too soon,after all she already hit her stride in this competition)
- Casey James (Casey surely has great blues country recording voice,nice recording)

The best recording this week: Crystal Bowersox,Katie Stevens

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