Friday, April 23, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 7 Studio Recording Review

- Casey James (love Casey's voice in this recording,it stands out. I'm surprised that he impresses me with this recording. The song arrangement is still boring but his voice is amazing)
- Lee Dewyze (gosh,why this recording is so boring. It's like Lee didn't put any energy singing this song at all. Makes me sleepy)
- Tim Urban (hmm it's pretty good,the melody is pretty nice and Tim's voice is unusually not boring in this. I like it)
- Aaron Kelly (I hate the arrangement,too mellow,but still I love Aaron's raspy country voice. He needs to pick a country song,darn it!!)
- Siobhan Magnus (I dunno,I'm not really feeling this recording. Too boring and not lively as her live performance. It's like Siobhan's unique voice got lost in the recording booth this week)
- Michael Lynche (just boring and meh. Mike's voice rarely impresses me in the recording version)
- Crystal Bowersox (Crystal's voice still great but I hate the song. Just completely tuneless and meh all around. Sorry)

The best recording this week: Casey James

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