Saturday, April 10, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 9 Studio Recording Review

- Aaron Kelly (woah,nice tone and obviously a massive improvement from his performance. Still not as good as David Archuleta's recording but a pretty good recording,and I might play this one over and over again in the long run)
- Katie Stevens (another one of pretty good recording,love her voice,love the arrangement,the way they showcase her vocal is spot on. Her higher register is amazing and she should do that often in the live stage)
- Andrew Garcia (well,at least it's much better than his awful performance. Not as boring and banal as that. He has more vocal acrobatic (not much) and the band is better)
- Michael Lynche (very loungey recording,so Mike fooled everybody to buy his pathetic recording)
- Crystal Bowersox (it's good but I don't feel that raw energy and vibe like from her live performance. Dunno why)
- Tim Urban (oh God,the opening note surely can make all the tweens girl fawning over him,but the rest of the recording is just okay. Tim still bores me with his recording)
- Casey James (beautiful vocal,heartfelt delivery,everything is perfect,a fantastic recording)
- Siobhan Magnus (lovely vocal from Siobhan,she's capable to sing anything beautifully as long as she watch out her vocal and control it from running all over the place. I like the background music too)
- Lee Dwyze (I always can't recognize Lee's recording voice,it's completely different with his live pitchy vocal. Hmm good recording though. And of course he avoid singing that high notes. EPIC FAIL,Lee!!!)

The best recording this week: Casey James,Siobhan Magnus,Aaron Kelly,Katie Stevens

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