Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 9 Performances (Elvis Week)

I was afraid of this week since I'm not a fan of Elvis,and they're pimping Adam Lambert again as a mentor. Btw please stop the gay jokes,Ryan!!

- Crystal Bowersox (okay,she had fun. I had fun watching her performance. She managed to make it not karaoke-ish,but I felt a lack in her emotional connection with that song. Maybe it's lost in the bandzilla and all that loud noises)
- Andrew Garcia (oh Andrew,please go home!!I can't stand it anymore. Although it wasn't awful,but it's mediocre karaoke on every level. He's just lost his ability and became this useless contestant)
- Tim Urban (woah he just continues to rise up to the occasion. I love this performance. Wasn't boring at all. It's just beautiful. He forgot or didn't want to hit that falsetto though,that Adam suggested for him to do. LOL)
- Lee Dewyze (love his confidence & his raspy raw voice was in full blown. The best I've ever heard from him. Still looked nervous & hasn't loosen up more. That's my only criticism.)
- Aaron Kelly (OMG!!When Aaron growled in his mentoring session,that's spectacular. That what made me his fan in the first place. He should do it more often & show that part of his voice. His performance was good at first & picked up the steam in the end with that change in the arrangement. I saw his confidence in the end. Love it!! I love the second half of the arrangement. I didn't hear that amazing growl though. He has major potential and I think he hasn't fully used it)
- Siobhan Magnus (nice vocal at the first half & she switched it up and blew me away with the 2nd half. Completely new arrangement at that part. She blasted her amazing pipe. She hold back her voice in order to not scream like a banshee again. I love it!! Good job on the vocal delivery and control)
- Michael Lynche (I didn't feel that like an Elvis song,it's like brand new song. His vocal is always perfect,and Michael never does an awful performance. I've to give it to him. However,his singing style and genre isn't exactly what I love)
- Katie Stevens (Yippie!! Gosh,this is Katie that I loved from the audition. Superb vocal!! She had sass in her performance,and heck yes she brought the house down. Katie is back!! And I hope the voters will vote for her)
- Casey James (pretty good,reminded me of his Hollywood week's performance. Please no more mosh pit swaybot!!)

Adam Lambert did a fantastic job. He completely impressed me with his mentoring ability. Can we get him to mentor every weeks???

My rank:
1. Katie Stevens
2. Aaron Kelly
3. Siobhan Magnus
4. Tim Urban
5. Crystal Bowersox
6. Casey James
7. Michael Lynche
8. Lee Dwyze
9. Andrew Garcia

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