Wednesday, April 07, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 9 Performances (Lennon McCartney Songbook)

First,I love the introduction clip that has all the contestants saying what their opinion about a certain person. Btw I spotted Lacey Brown!!

- Aaron Kelly (oh no,David Archuleta completely owned this rendition back in Season 7. Aaron just fell flat. He didn't have any conviction at all,and his voice sounded very pitchy and the goaty vibrato wasn't nice. Just no,Aaron!)
- Katie Stevens (woah,her vocal was amazing! No pitchy notes at all like before. She sang like she meant every words. I think she did the song justice)
- Andrew Garcia (banal,boring,karaoke-ish,cheesy. Just all kind of wrong. A big step in the wrong direction for Andrew. I want him out of the competition soon if he's continuing this disastrous step)
- Michael Lynche (hmm David Cook did a pretty good rock version of this song. Mike did okay with his own arrangement. I'd say it's pretty good with all that violins and once again his outstanding vocal)
- Crystal Bowersox (the first half of the song was okay,I loved that bong's sound though. It gave another new sound for a song that's been done many times on Idol. The 2nd half of the song was fantastic,with her singing in higher register and hitting all those high notes. I love that part of her voice. Pretty lovely. I'm liking Crystal's personality too,not as cold as her beginning run on Idol)
- Tim Urban (holy moly,Tim did great! That's good! I'm tired of his mediocre and awful performances so far. So I'm glad that he stepped it up tonight. Good vocal,amazing arrangement that fit his vocal & musical style. I love it)
- Casey James (OMG! That was in different league from the others. Really heartfelt,his accoustic guitar strumming touched my heart & my inner soul. His rendition gave me goosebumps all over my body. Arguably one of the showstopper from this season)
- Siobhan Magnus (pretty boring but still unique. She sang it with full conviction. I liked that. Not over the top banshee's scream again. I liked this restrained Siobhan. Still very nasally as my younger brother put it. Her dress is spectacular. I love it.)
- Lee Dwyze (okay performance,love his confidence that's growing every weeks,and WTF with that bag pipe player??

Overall,pretty good night. Although please don't sing a song that's been covered by Idol alumni in the past. I can't shake the comparison in my mind.

My rank:
1. Casey James
2. Crystal Bowersox
3. Katie Stevens
4. Tim Urban
5. Michael Lynche
6. Siobhan Magnus
7. Aaron Kelly
8. Lee Dwyze
9. Andrew Garcia

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