Friday, December 07, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 6 Result Show

-Melanie Amaro performs her new single "Long Distance". I don't know what the heck happening to her career. It seems they lock her up somewhere and changing the single so many times. I hope she will get her career started as soon as possible. I like this song. She looks gorgeous.
- Cece Frey is the first contestant tonight to be eliminated. She hasn't reached her potential yet on this show. I still miss the old brunette mean Cece.
- Diamond White and Fifth Harmony will battle for the 4th spot.
- Kesha performs her 2nd single. I hate it. Zzzzzzzzzzz.
- Fifth Harmony performs amazingly well. Stunning harmony,great vocal. I love it!!!
- Diamond floundered,she sang nasally and she sounded like goat. Bye bye Diamond!!
- Britney really looks like a robot. She's keep saying one sentence everytime Khloe or Mario ask her a question. Even robot will have more than one sentence to say than Britney.
- Diamond is class act. Tate Stevens claims the #1 spot again,next week will be interesting. Can Emblem3 break the dominance of Carly Rose - Tate on the top 2 spot???

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