Friday, December 21, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Finale Result

- I won't bother downloading more than 1GB of tonight's episode. So youtube again for me.
- The Top 3 perform All You Need Is Love while they walk into the stage. I love it!!! You can see the rest of the Top 13 and all behind the scene people.
- Tate Stevens performs Please Come Home for Christmas. Because I don't celebrate Christmas anymore and because this is so mediocre,my mind wandered around a bit. Oh wow at that touching clip from his family and all his friends back home. If that didn't make him the winner,I don't know what is.
- Fifth Harmony performs Christmas Baby Please Come Home. I think it's a great idea for X Factor to combine their final result show with Christmas show. After all,Christmas is 4 days away. Oh lawd,their family almost made me bawling. So beautiful!!! I want family with such big love like that.
- Carly Rose Sonenclar performs All I Want From Christmas Is You. Not as emotional as the other video.
- Season 2 recap. Wow Lyric145 got shafted. I don't see their part at all in this video.
- One Direction performs Kiss You. I love this song!! Urgh at their vocal. Zayn doesn't even attempt to sing. He looks different though with new hairdo.
- Carly & Tate duet on The Climb. Beautiful duet!!
- LOL at the country guy winning this show. The southern,midwest and the older demographics clearly helped Tate Stevens all the way to win this show. Good for him!!! I hope he can provide a better life for his family. Can't wait for Carly Rose and Fifth Harmony's music career also.

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