Friday, February 14, 2014

American Idol Season 13: Top 30 Rank

I've been absent for the whole year last year,since I was so busy with work etc,and I didn't have the mood and the time to blog about Idol last year. Although I really enjoyed Season 12,with the dominance of the girls.

Btw here's my rank of this year Top 30/Top 31. I'm all for WGWG dominance. LOL.

1. Sam Woolf (my #1 fave since his first audition,his performances after that solidy him in my rank).
2. Briana Oakley (outstanding vocal in Hollywood group round,her tone is amazing).
3. Alex Preston (fantastic musicianship,killer musicality,I love him).
4. Jessica Meuse (original,fierce,not boring at all and stands out from the pack).
5. Kenzi Hall (I love her voice,her creativity and her style).
6. Kristen O'Connor (somehow I love her big voice).
7. Majesty Rose (her Feist performance shoot her up on my rank,she could go into my Top 5).
8. Jena Asciutto (love her tone).
9. Briston Maroney (although everybody hates his affected singing,but I always like his performance).
10. MK Nobilette (her style pulled you in).
11. Bria Anai (we need black diva right!!)
12. Spencer Lloyd (pretty handsome guy,his Say Something performance is what put him in this rank).
13. George Lovett (amazing male vocal).
14. Malaya Watson
15. Austin Wolfe (she needs one amazing performance to go up my rank).
16. Ethan Harris
17. Emmanuel Zidor (up here because he's entertaining).
18. Dexter Roberts
19. Caleb Johnson
20. Emily Piriz (I have to see more from her to judge her objectively).
21. Jillian Jensen (I don't know she still hasn't impressed me on this Idol run,not unlike X Factor).
22. CJ Harris
23. Ben Briley
24. Brandy Neely
25. Andrina Brogden
26. Neco Starr
27. Casey Trashers
28. Malcolm Allen (bored with R&B songs that he has picked so far).
29. Marialle Sellars
30. Maurice Townsend
31. Jordan Brisbane (don't care one iota about this kid).

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