Saturday, February 21, 2015

American Idol Season 14: Top 24 Rank

I feel like this year is similar to Season 10 for me. I'm not 100% obsessed with anyone yet except maybe Sarina-Joi Crowe,but I think most of them are pretty good. Almost no weak link or obvious joke contestants. We'll see what happens this season. Here's my rank of this year's crop:

1. Sarina-Joi Crowe (my #1 favorite,she slayed her performances on every rounds. I wonder why they didn't pimp her so hard like Jax)
2. Shannon Berthiaume (I completely ignored her on audition but on Hollywood Week she blew me away with her every performances. Although she said she never sung in front of audience before,but she looks comfortable on stage and improving so quickly. Could be dark horse this season)
3. Maddie Walker (I love her Hollywood Week's You Lie performance. She's the dependable female country singer for this season. If she picks the right song,she could sail away into Top 12 and go deep in this competition)
4. Jax (her affectation & her quirky style is polarizing. I love her Toxic performance but her performances after that were okay for me)
5. Nick Fradiani (I always liked him ever since his audition,very consistent although I've yet to be impressed completely by him,he should pick the perfect song choice for him and after that it'll be a race to the finish with Clark)
6. Trevor Douglas (very likable,definitely stands out,he got showmanship and not afraid on the stage but I really wish he improves his vocal,so far it's been okay)
7. Clark Beckham (he's been pretty consistent throughout Hollywood Week. He killed his Georgia On My Mind performance on House of Blues. Almost rivalling Kendra Chantelle's Season 10 performance)
8. Shi Scott (everyone's keep saying she mimics but her style and her tone intrigues me)
9. Rayvon Owen (his audition is still the highlight of his repertoire so far,he's very good looking,he got great tone,but I'm still waiting to be completely blown away by him)
10. Tyanna Jones (I admit I didn't care for her audition but her House of Blues performance were the best of the girl. That saying a lot for her standing in my rank)
11. Katherine Winston (she's been building her resume so far,she got the vocal and the performance going on for her,but I don't see any personality to make the fans root for her)
12. Adam Ezegelian (I thought he would be a joke contestant,but his House of Blues performance floored me. He could make the competition more interesting,but I don't think he's gonna last long in this show)
13. Joey Cook (her 1st Hollywood Week's performance was pretty unique but after that she stumbled. Let's see if her quirkiness works in the live show)
14. Savion Wright (I wasn't a fan of him last season but his audition this year was impressive. Once again his Hollywood Week run were forgettable for me. The rest of the packs gave more memorable performance to justify their standing on this rank)
15. Daniel Seavey (he got a nice voice but it's cracking in front of our eyes. He should've wait a few years. But at least he's very cute and I'm not complaining about his song choices so far)
16. Loren Lott (I'm worried about her song choices,but she looks like a star and with the right song she could give the other girls a run for their money)
17. Alexis Gomez (I think she has potential but I haven't seen it)
18. Riley Bria (bland & vanilla teenage country singer,I'm still waiting to be convinced by him. He could have some potential inside him)
19. Michael Simeon (I don't know,everytime I saw him I always thought of him as bland and uninteresting)
20. Lovey James (her House of Blues performance sounded amateur-ish)
21. Adanna Duru (I don't like her tone,and her diction annoys me)
22. Mark Andrew (sleepy and boring performances so far)
23. Qaasim Middleton (annoying,gimmick and full of antics. Urgh)
24. Quentin Alexander (don't care at all with this one,I feel like watching ANTM model)

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