Thursday, December 20, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Final Performances

- Tribute to Sandy Hook. Wow,Simon has a heart after all,he's crying!! Urgh,Paige is the worst vocalist from this Top 13. Way worse than Cece. Overall,it was a beautiful tribute. Very lovely!!

Favorite Song From The Competition:
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (this song bored me to death. However,Carly did it a bit different,she made it more gloomy a bit. Although it doesn't suit the title of the song,but that's better rather than sing it in the same old way)
- Tate Stevens (I can't say what hasn't been said before,Tate is solid,he always sings like that. I don't know what more to say. Yes,Khloe,it's a brilliant idea to ask him why he's so emotional. Geesh)
- Fifth Harmony (hmm singing the same exact song from last week is risky. The element of surprise is gone. But maybe it's the best song choice that they got. I still love the performance. I hope America won't get bored with this. OMG Mayor Julian Castro!!! This is where politic meet singing show.

- Carly & Leann Rimes (wow this is so awkward. It really looked like a very spontaneous performance,with no rehearsal at all. They avoided some of the high notes. Weird!! Although I always love Leann's voice. This performance reminds me to listen to Leann Rimes music catalogue again)
- Tate & Little Big Town (LOL I love this. This is so playful and Tate doesn't look like a contestant at all. He exudes confidence. Great performance. I hope his wife doesn't get jealous watching Tate grooving with that beautiful women)
- Fifth Harmony & Demi Lovato (this is so fun!! I know Demi is not the best singer,but she showed us what a feisty performer she is)

5 Million Dollars Performances:
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (I just can't with this song choice. I don't think I ever like Hallelujah. Maybe only when Jason Castro performed it back on 2008. After that,it's been done to death with no variations whatsoever)
- Tate Stevens (very mediocre performance. The judges comment toward Tate are always repetitive. It's very anti climactic on this one)
- Fifth Harmony (amazing last performance. It's a landslide and not even close compared to the other two contestants. Although this song is overdone song too but they sang it really well and I didn't feel bored at all)

Let's see who's gonna win tomorrow.

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