Friday, April 29, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 6 Result Show

- "Marry Me Randy" sign. Just no!! Is she crazy??
- A lot of people will be disappointed with tonight's result. Bring on the shocking boot!! Let's ruin this disappointing season!!
- Mate is an Australian slang,Scotty!!
- Thanks God for Haley's growl in this boring group performance. The energy is too low,it will be a blackout if it's getting lower.
- I cringed watching Scotty got surrounded by girls. Please stop that,Nigel!! Stop shoving Scotty down our throat!!
- Crystal Bowersox performs. I prefer Mine All Mine but still she rocks it!! I love the carpet & the bong. Why no chit chat,Ryan?? Damn you,Idol. She needs promotion,you know!! Give as much airtime as you can to Idol alumni!!
- I love the questions from the viewers. The blue screen distracted me though,I wanna read all the comments. LOL. I saw some Jacob's love from some viewers. So that's his hidden fans.
- OMG!! What is this?? New way to read the ditty. I like this!! They give us the visual & Jimmy Iovine's take. This is more entertaining than Ryan reading the judges comments. Or the judges comment on performance night.
- Haley is safe. Yes!!
- Scotty & Lauren have to wait at the couch. Uh oh!!
- Casey too!! LOL at Jimmy highlighting Casey's growl for the viewers to see.
- OMG!! This is very suspenseful!! I'm nervous LOL
- Ryan said shocking so many times. Who is it??
- James is safe.
- Jimmy Iovine is hilarious!! Somehow it's pretty funny watching him giving comments. Why don't he become judge & replace Steven??
- My eyes fixated on that dog behind Bruno Mars when he's performing. I kept thinking he might interact with that dog at some point. No?? Oh well. It would have been fun.
- Jacob is safe. What??? No kidding!! Who's his fans??
- Scotty or Casey?? Impossible Scotty will go home with his broad voting base.
- It's Casey Abrams going home tonight. NOOOO!! LOL at him kissing every girls in the audience,rolling in the stage,saying "you're mine" to Haley. Best singout ever!! VFTW will love this!!
- It's pretty sad seeing Casey go. He's entertaining and very musical.

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