Friday, September 14, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 2

- I'm so shocked that The Voice 3rd day had a bigger rating than X Factor premiere. Oh well!!!
- Johnny Maxwell is pretty cute. He has more charisma rather than singing ability. Although he can rap and he can sing pretty good. Let's see what will happen to him in boot camp.

- Am I watching The Hills right now?? Why this Lexa Berman's conversation with Paige reminds me of that show. So many SoCal accents and lingo. I think Lexa has a good singing voice,I don't know why the judges said no to her. She's not that bad!!! Her bitchiness could be entertaining to watch on live show.
- Here we go again with the gays. Jason Brock is totally flaming!! I was seriously thinking he would be an awful audition based on the Konnichiwa greetings and his rambling about his concept of his concert. It turned out,he sang really great. Watch out for the glamberts vicious attack!!! This guy sings really well. His personality is off the chart. Really entertaining!! Can't wait to see him in boot camp.

- This Britney stalker,Patrick Ford scares the shit out of me. No wonder Britney had a meltdown years ago. Dealing with crazy fans like this. The eerie music in the background reinforces the stereotype even more. Yikes!!
- Carly Rose Sonenclare is once again a very young girl that in my personal opinion should wait few more years to audition in these type of show. She blew the roof when she sang but I still can see some mimicking and amateurish quality in her. Because she's still too young. Probably an early frontrunner.

Overall 2nd day of audition went really well. Very entertaining show tonight!!!

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