Friday, September 21, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 3

I didn't have time to post this yesterday. Here we go:

Simon is sick so Louis Walsh from X Factor UK filled his seat. I love him!!!
- Rizzloe Jones is a decent white boy rapper.
- CeCe Frey's attitude is not endearing at all. She's so bitchy and condescending to other people. Although I must say she's gorgeous!! I don't understand why people keep singing Unchained Melody. No one did that song any justice. Luckily,she got another chance to sing another song. She slayed Ain't No Other Man by Christina Aguilera. I really feel she could be a popstar,with the right song,she already has the attitude and the "it" factor.
- Britney can't even sing happy birthday to LA Reid. Ouch!!
- Vino Alan sang a soulful Trouble. I don't see any chance for him to enter music industry.
- Deangelo Wallace is a delusional black kid. So annoying!! WTH he stoled the microphone. He's so desperate to be on TV.
-  Awww at Tate Stevens. He's so likable. He sang great. Although all the deep country voice sound so similar in my ears. Can't differentiate between one another.
- OMG yay at boyband!!! Patrick is so gay. Why he's obsessed with collar is beyond me. The blonde guy,Parker is hot too. They sang fantastic,but they're so cheesy. I agree with Simon. But they're way better than One Direction when they're still competing in X Factor UK.

-Diamond White sang pretty amazing version of It's A Man's World. Very fantastic for a kid her age to sing that great.
- Ally Brooke sang Jaci Velasquez song and she continued to sing on and on after the judges stopped her. I thought she blew it. Fortunately,she's not.
- Normani Hamilton is pretty good. I wanna see more from her.
- Sister C vocal harmony is superb. Wow!!!! They're my favorite group so far. I hope they're advance to the live show.

- Jeremiah and Josh are cute. LOL at Britney wanna hear them waking her up in the morning.
- OMG Panda Ross FTW!! I thought she's delusional frauen. But she's totally amazing singer. And she's very hilarious too. One of my fave contestant. I hope she recovers from pneumonia.

- Jessica Espinoza reminds me of Allison Iraheta. I think she might be one of the frontrunner.

Overall pretty amazing episode. Lots of talents tonight,although some of them are mediocre and not that great. The judges should stop saying they found a star to many of the contestants. Because even Idol can't produce a star nowadays and all of the winners flopped big time. Hard time in music industry right now.

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