Thursday, September 27, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 5

Tonight was so underwhelming,I'm so over it. Can't stomach another audition episode of any singing show. It's just totally predictable and not entertaining overall.

- Why they show Adonis & John?? They're very delusional and waste of time.
- Dinah Jane Hansen is 15 years old who looks 10 year older. She sang pretty good,Beyonce still can outsing her left and right. I don't know,she's just forgettable to me. I can barely maintain any interest watching her story and performance.
- Arin Ray from InTENsity audition again. Do the rules allow that?? I remember him. Wow his brother is so hot!!! OMG he really gaining so much confidence and I love his original song. Very current song and so catchy. I can see that song on the iTunes chart.

- Nick Perreli is 16 years old kid who can sing jazz song really well. I'm always waiting for a kid like this. Jazz performance always translates well on Idol,I don't understand why they can't find any good jazz singer. I'll be following this kid.

- LOL at Changy Li. Creepy delusional old asian woman. Although this is the only part in tonight episode which I laughed continuously. Oh gawd,this thing is never gets old. I always love watching delusional stereotype of Asian.
- Austin Corini is basically blonde Bieber look alike. But there's never going to be another Justin Bieber. Even Cody Simpsons and Greyson Chance failed miserably to follow his steps. At first,I thought Austin was hot. When those girls are freaking out and asking his autographs. But his singing mannerism is very weird,his voice is okay,he doesn't have any charisma. The gold blonde hair really works for him though.
- Jaime is so creepy. I felt uncomfortable watching this couple.
- David Correy can SANG!!!!! Although the tattoo turned me off big times!!
- Sophie Tweed Simmons part is the highlight of tonight's episode. I felt bad for her,having to follow his legendary father footsteps. Her voice is okay,I find her tone very weird,she will be excellent if she got vocal lessons and more experience of performing.
- Tara Simon is total bitch and so annoying. Her singing is too low,but I agree with the judges,she barely scratched the surface. She got more coming.
- Daryl Black is excellent singer. No marketability though.
- Trevor Moran's dramatic story is URGH!!! Can we move on from this!!!!

Can't wait for boot camp.

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