Friday, May 11, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 4 iTunes Studio Recording Review

California Dreamin'
- Phillip Phillips (hmm Phillip voice sounds more polished in this recording,not gritty like usual. Just an okay recording for me)
- Hollie Cavanagh (good vocal,boring recording)
- Joshua Ledet (maybe only Joshua fans will love this one. Oh lawd,the end of the recording wasn't pleasant at all. His saliva works overtime. Yuck)
- Jessica Sanchez (lovely recording from Jessica. I don't think I'll buy Jessica record after the show since R&B is just not my thing)

The best recording of this theme: Jessica Sanchez.

- Joshua & P2 duet (wow Phillip voice is unrecognizable. They watered down his voice way too much. Anyway,this recording is better than live performance overall)
- Jessica & Hollie duet (outstanding vocal from both of them. Still the song is a dreck. Won't listen to this recording again in the near future)

Songs You Wish You Wrote
- Phillip Phillips (possibly his best recording so far. Although it's too slow for my taste)
- Hollie Cavanagh (Hollie has beautiful crystal clear voice,but I don't know why this song doesn't work with her vocal. I love this song when Allison Iraheta sang this on S8 on live and recording. But I don't care at all with Hollie's recording. Her phrasing "if you don't" is so weird. Urgh. Also why she sounds nasally this week?)
- Joshua Ledet (great,but I prefer the live performance)
- Jessica Sanchez (I hate this song,Jessica as usual delivered great vocal)

The best recording of this 2nd theme: Phillip Phillips (because of that song).

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