Friday, May 18, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 3 iTunes Studio Recording Review

Judges Choices
- Joshua Ledet (as usual,soul throwback singing from Joshua. Not my cup of tea,definitely only for soul genre lover)
- Jessica Sanchez (perfect studio recording from Jessica. Possibly her best this season. So beautiful,she mastered all the vocal difficulty in this song. Stunning!!! If no one can sing Mariah Carey song,then Jessica is the closest to that)
- Phillip Phillips (just standard recording from Phillip. Not great at all. Just solid)

The best recording from the judges choices: Jessica Sanchez

Personal Choices
- Joshua Ledet (pure mediocre studio recording. Just didn't catch my interest at all. I rather browsing around the internet reading about Facebook IPO. Ohh,the end was interesting. Joshua gone all church on the end of the song)
- Jessica Sanchez (urgh this is even worse than Jessica live performance. I even prefer Allison Iraheta studio recording of this song. Jessica voice is too pop R&B for this rock song)
- Phillip Phillips (I think Phillip picked the best song for his voice. Not an overdone songs like the others picked. I enjoyed this recording)

The best recording of their personal choices: Phillip Phillips

Jimmy Iovine Choices
- Joshua Ledet (hmm I prefer his live performance. Joshua studio recording always makes me cringe listening to it. Not enjoyable at all,pure torture. I don't know why people enjoy his voice. Sigh)
- Jessica Sanchez (the worst song choice given to Jessica. Urgh. This is also unlistenable to me. Jessica sang it great but I hate this song)
- Phillip Phillips (pure,subtle,one of Phillip's best recording)

The best recording from Jimmy choices: Phillip Phillips

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