Thursday, May 03, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 5 Performances (60's Theme & Brit Pop)

 60's Theme
- Hollie Cavanagh - River Deep Mountain High
Better than my expectation. Hollie really listened to Steven Van Zandt advice. She ripped the stage. This performance is different than Pia Toscano's version. While Hollie rocked the stage more,I still prefer Pia's vocal. But I hope Hollie will break the curse that this song has.
- Phillip Phillips - The Letter
Same thing from P2 again every weeks. I just can't take this performance seriously anymore. I thought I would love the arrangement but I don't. P2 face antic bothers me. WTF at the judges overpraise?? So Phillip can throw out the song's melody while Colton can't??? I hope America will boot him tomorrow. His girlfriend might cost him some votes.
- Skylar Laine - Fortunate Son
Brilliant!! I love it!! Skylar is fierce,confident and she killed this performance. I don't know if she understands what this song means though. Everybody said this song was an anti war song back in the day. Anyway,I think Skylar is my last hope for a girl winner this season.
Joshua Ledet & Phillips Phillips - You've Lost That Loving Feeling
One of the dullest performance this season!! Why Phillip is even smiling?? Didn't he read the lyrics?? Oh gawd,Joshua is in denial. Trying to fool us that he's fighting over P2 girlfriend. Yeah,right!!
- Jessica Sanchez - Proud Mary
I hate hate this song. I don't want to hear it anymore. Jessica sang it the best she could. She even worked the stage well.
- Joshua Ledet - Ain't Too Proud To Beg
Solid!! Very safe song choice for Joshua!! Really Steven?? Joshua is in Top 2 Idol of all time??? Gawd!!! Joshua is the most overrated contestants I've ever seen on Idol.
Brit Pop
- Hollie Cavanagh - Bleeding Love
Hollie's totally back in the running for the last 3 weeks of strong performances. I didn't know she had it in her. I agree with Randy. She peaked at the right time. Now,she channels her emotion and her heart when she sings. Not stays on her head again. She could win this if she keeps it up every weeks.
- Phillip Phillips - Time of The Season
This is better than his 1st performance. The ahh whisper could bring orgasm to the frauen out there. Who's your daddy lyric will melt the heart of every girls and older women. I think overall it's pretty nice performance albeit a bit boring.
- Jessica Sanchez,Hollie Cavanagh,Skylar Laine - Higher and Higher
Boring arrangement,pretty solid vocal from 3 of them. I'm not a fan of duet or trio unless they can work the harmony really well.
- Skylar Laine - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Skylar is a pro at conveying emotion,telling the story of the song and acting on the stage. This is the best version I've ever heard of this song. I'm so impressed by her.
- Jessica Sanchez - You Are So Beautiful
Outstanding!! Easily the best of the night & one of Jessica's best performance. She took the time to sing every words. What a stunning delivery!! Almost like Katharine McPhee's Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I don't want any of the girl to go home tomorrow.
- Joshua Ledet - To Love Somebody
OMG INCREDIBLE!!!!! I took back my last comment on Jessica. This was the best performance of the night. Easily Joshua's best performance ever on this show. Flawless!!! This is the performance that deserved standing ovation. WTF J Lo,he's the best singer in the last 50 years??? HYPERBOLE!!!!

Phillip should go home tomorrow. He's been way underperforming lately.

My Rank:
1. Joshua 2nd
2. Jessica 2nd
3. Skylar 1st
4. Skylar 2nd
5. Hollie 2nd
6. Hollie 1st
7. Phillip 2nd
8. Jessica 1st
9. Jessica,Hollie,Skylar Trio
10. Joshua 1st
11. Phillip 1st
12. Joshua & Phillip Duet

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