Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 18: Semifinals

- Blake,you're not going to win this show. Your team are the weakest!!
- What is CeeLo wearing?? This thing about his cat is getting old really fast!!
- Tony Lucca - How Do You Like Me Now
Easily his best performance on this show. This song really suits him. Tony Lucca probably will advance from his team based on his fanbase. What's going on between him and Christina?? Why Christina always said some negative things about Tony?? It seems like she has some grudge against this guy.
- Erin Willett - Without You
This song choice seemed good on paper but holy moly. She's underpitch in the beginning and continued to be pitchy the whole performance. The band isn't helping either. They played so hard that I cant' barely hear Erin's voice. Uh,she's emotional again. That will get her some pity votes.
- Chris Mann - Ave Maria
I still don't get what special about Chris. I always don't care watching him perform. Once again,I tuned out really fast when he performed this song. He has good voice,for sure. But I can't bring myself to care for his performance. But it looks like he will be safe again tomorrow because he's male.
- Jamar Rogers - If You Don't Know Me By Now
Oh no this song!! Jamar made this song current,but the bandzilla continued to take the word "bandzilla" to a whole new level. They're so loud that I almost lost my hearing. Sigh. I think Jamar sang this song great. His best performance for me. Somehow,I can see why this guy is Danny Gokey's BFF. They have the same aura about them.
- Team Adam & Team CeeLo sang All These Things That I've Done. Good!!
- Jermaine Paul - Open Arms
I don't understand why this guy is still here on Team Blake. I wish Jordis or Raelynn are still on this competition. However,I have to say this performance is Jermaine's best by a huge miles compared to his previous performances. He oversang a bit but overall it's pretty good. I like Open Arms btw so that helped.
- Katrina Parker - Killing Me Softly
I think this is pretty solid,her vocal is pretty and creamy. Her mom made me cry,I love her relationship with her parents. Adam's reaction on the rehearsal made my expectation higher. I expected big notes from her. But oh well,she still sang pretty fantastic.
- Blake performed his single,Over. He strained so hard singing this song over this ridiculous band. I cringed the whole performance,it almost like he's gonna pop up his vein anytime soon. The contestants don't have to worry about competing with their rival,they need to focus their attention on the band. I'm so angry right now with this loud band.
- Lindsey Pavao - Skinny Love
Of course,obscure song choice for mainstream viewers. But I appreciate this about Lindsey. She's defnitely in her wheelhouse. A fresh air indeed hearing accoustic performance without the loud band. I don't know whether she can beat Chris Mann though. Lindsey is so unusually very smiley today. I like that!!! Why Christina hugging her team again and again?? She's so weird.
- Team Blake & Team Christina singing Edge of Glory. The beginning was nice,with the spotlight etc but after that it began to crumble into massive colossal trainwreck. Holy shit!!! I've never seen a song performed this awful!!!! Their voice don't match at all with each others.
- Juliet Simms - It's A Man's Man's World

Juliet's bf is hot!!! I feel her struggle in this music business. OMG,holy crap!!! This performance is phenomenal!!!! Holy mother of god!!! I almost stood up and clap in my room. My jaw truly dropped to the floor. If she doesn't win this show,I'm gonna cut a bitch. She deserves the crown based on this performance. Unbelievable!!!! One of the best performance I've seen this year from any singing show.

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