Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 2 Performances (Finale)

Simon Fuller Choices
- Jessica Sanchez - I Have Nothing
Of course,Simon Fuller picked the most cheesy and overdone song ever. Jessica slayed this song,although I was bored watching this song being performed for the million times.
- Phillip Phillips - Stand By Me
I love the arrangement. So cool!! I thought I would love this performance. But Phillip face antics bothers me. The yeah,the awww,the ohhh embelishment in the end of every sentences is so annoying. Urgh. For me,Jessica won the first round. Randy probably activate P2 fanbase for picking Jessica as the winner of 1st round.
- Watch out,Jason!! Or you'll break your neck again. I enjoy this performance by Jason Derulo immensely. His dance is amazing and at least he's not lip-syncing. Props to him!!! Undefeated is a fun Coke jingle!!
Repeat Choices
Jessica Sanchez - The Prayer
Yes!!!! I love love this performance of her on Las Vegas week. I love it this time too!!! Flawless!! One of the best finale performance since David Archuleta on Season 7.
- Phillip Phillips - Movin Out
Ohh I love this song. Good job for picking it!!! Wow that was amazing!! One of his best so far. Definitely better than the 1st time he did it. I love this finale. No dud performance. I'm worried that the judges comment might sway the votes to P2 advantage.
Original Songs
- Jessica Sanchez - Change Nothing
Sabotage again?? WTF with this sleepy song?? What the hell was Jimmy thinking?? Jessica sang this song the best she could. Looks like P2 gonna win if his original song is great.
- Phillip Phillips - Home
Great song for P2. Wow at the marching band!! P2 looks bored though. Here we go with the pimping and the judges effusive praise. Sigh.
- Looks like I saw Season 10 Indian contestant sings as backup singer. I forgot his name. He's the one with his almost twin brothers.
- Scotty performs Please Remember Me. Way too pitchy. I'm surprised. I will miss a lot of contestants from this season especially Colton,Elise,Erika etc.

My Rank:
1. Jessica Sanchez - The Prayer
2. Phillip Phillips - Movin Out
3. Phillip Phillips - Home
4. Jessica Sanchez - Change Nothing
5. Jessica Sanchez - I Have Nothing
6. Phillip Phillips - Stand By Me

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