Friday, May 11, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 4 Result Show

- The group performance of California Dreamin' is great,compared to last night's trainwreck group performance.
- P2 & Hollie called to the stage. No bottom 2 yet.
- I like this David Cook song. He & Kris Allen are the epitome of WGWG,before it's going downhill. Sad to hear Cook parted ways with his record label.
- Joshua is going to get recording deal no matter what. Wow Tommy Mottola wants to watch Jessica Sanchez first concert. Huge endorsement!!!
- Jennifer Lopez performs Dance Again. She's hot as ever!!! I didn't know that Casper has a voice like chipmunk. I saw him training some dancers on E! News segment. Aww they're so cute!!
- More rambling from the judges. Jessica & Joshua is safe. This show is gunning for R&B finale.
- Urgh Phillip Phillips is safe. Hollie Cavanagh is eliminated. Remember the talk about this year being the girls year?? Yeah,not happened unfortunately. Girls will have no chance ever again.

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