Thursday, May 17, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 3 Performances

- Way too much filler. Commercials already even before the first performance.
Judges Choices
- Joshua Ledet - I'd Rather Go Blind
Seriously,I almost went asleep watching this first performance from Joshua. Great song choice though. Solid performance from him. Oh,another standing ovation!! Zzzzzz.
- OMG my face is beaming with joy seeing Colton,Elise,Erika and Heejun on my screen. I miss them very much!!
- Jessica Sanchez - My All
Oh wow,this song is so difficult to sing. Probably the hardest song to sing this season. All the falsetto & no place to breathe in the song. But Jessica killed it dead. So impressed!!! I could sense that she's trying to not make a mistake but overall she did a fantastic job with this impossible song. C'mon people,put this girl on the Finale.
- Awww PhilJun
- Phillip Phillips - Beggin'
He did a passable job with this song. 2 contestants performed this song on The Voice UK few weeks ago and that was the best version I've ever heard of this song. P2 can't help but change the melody of this song. At least he didn't annoy me as much as I expected with his facial tics etc.
Personal Choice
- Joshua Ledet - Imagine
Wow,they aired homecoming clip tonight????!!! Joshua's homecoming clip is pretty heartwarming. His church is so tiny. He looks so confident lately. Btw,David Archuleta did this song perfectly on Season 7,no one will even come close to that caliber of performance. Even if I judge this song objectively,Joshua just did an okay job.
- Jessica Sanchez - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Jessica's hometown crowd is so minuscule compared to Joshua. I feel bad for her. Oh,she's homeschooled,no wonder she's so socially awkward. Oh lord,she's the one who picked this cliche song. It's good,not great. I hope she can make the finale.
- Phillip Phillips - Disease
The most emotional homecoming clip of the night!!! Wow,he's gonna sail to Top 2 easily based on this clip. I think this was a great performance. I disagree with the judges. I really enjoyed it. I think P2 won the 2nd round for me. Pity votes will help him because of the judges criticism. Sigh.
Jimmy Iovine Choices
- Joshua Ledet - No More Drama
The end was fantastic. I thought he could kill it more though. Awww at Hollie and the rest of the Top 12 jumping up and down watching Joshua performed. I don't know who'll get eliminated tomorrow.
- Jessica Sanchez - I'll Be There
I smell sabotage in this song choice. It's just so bland!!! No room to make a moment like what Randy said. I'm worried with Jessica's fate tomorrow.
- Phillip Phillips - We've Got Tonight
J Lo said what I think about this performance. A lullaby!! I tuned out really fast on the beginning. It's awkward watching his hand rubbing his thigh etc. Urgh at the judges fawning over him.

Overall,strong night for Phillip. I'm worried about Jessica. 2 hours is overkill with this late stage of the game.

My Rank:
1. Jessica 1st
2. Phillip 2nd
3. Joshua 3rd
4. Phillip 1st
5. Phillip 3rd
6. Jessica 2nd
7. Joshua 1st
8. Jessica 3rd
9. Joshua 2nd

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