Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 21: Finale Result

- I like tonight's episode. Lots of performances from the Top 16 contestants. But lots of filler too.
- Jermaine Paul,Pip,Jamar Rogers,James Massone - I Want Your Back
Pretty fun performance. I miss James Massone.
- Bloopers of the coaches. I love it!!!
- Flo Rida & Juliet Simms - Whistle and Wild Ones
Hmm I'm wondering whether Juliet felt embarassed have to sing this crappy song that can ruin her credibility.
- Chris Mann,Lindsey Pavao,Katrina Parker - Bitter Sweet Symphony
I miss Katrina and Lindsey. I thought Lindsey would've been easily on Top 4. I guess I was wrong. Pretty nice performance overall. I love it!!! Chris commands the stage really well. He's getting more confident each weeks.
- Blake and Adam bromance clip. Zzzzzz.
- Hall & Oates singing with Jermaine Paul as backup singer. Ouch. Tony Lucca and Chris Mann also sang as backup singer for this legendary duo.
- Cheesa,Naia Kete,Kim Yarbrough,Sera Hill - Superstition
Diva performance!!! I guess it's pretty good.
- Parks & Rec clip. I don't understand a single thing.
- Juliet Simms,Raelynn,Jamar Rogers,Erin Willett - A Little Help From My Friends
Underwhelming!!! I'm bored!! Erin totally killed this performance.
- Purrfect The Cat clip. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
- Lady Antebellum - Wanted You More
I love this song. Really enjoyed this performance.
- Tony Lucca & Jordis Unga - Go Your Own Way
I always don't get a star vibe from Tony. Just ordinary singer for me. Blah.
- Justin Bieber - Boyfriend
Way better than my expectation. But I'm weirded out by Justin trying to follow Timberlake footsteps this early. Hasn't it been only 3 years since his debut?? Time goes so fast!!!
- After almost 2 hours of too many fillers and performances,here comes the result.
- Holy shit,Chris Mann #4. I thought he's at least on Top 2. OMG Tony Lucca at #3. Shocking!!! Where's his fanbase????
- WTF Jermaine won???????? Anti climactic finale. African american male has dominated this show for 2 years in a row. Another flop winner from this show. Juliet should've won.

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