Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 20: Final 4 Performances

- Jermaine Paul - I Believe I Can Fly
Really??? This song?? Anyway,he sang it pretty great until the later half of the performance where he screeched the song to oblivion. But I must say this is his best performance in this competition.
- Juliet Simms - Crazy
Why no original songs for the contestants this season?? Instead they have to sing a song from their coaches in order to show appreciation to them. Yuck!!! Glorifying the coaches even more. This is rather boring performance from Juliet. I was underwhelmed.
- Chris Mann & Christina Aguilera - The Prayer
I'm worried about Christina's dress. But overall,this is pretty nice duet from both of them. I really enjoyed it.
- Tony Lucca - 99 Problems
Wow country arrangement of Jay Z song. He didn't seem to sing the word "bitch". I think this performance is solid. LOL at Adam and Christina bickering over the meaning of the song. I don't understand why Christina has such hate on Tony. What happened on Mickey Mouse club back then?
- Chris Mann - The Voice Within
This is an amazing performance. Don't know why but so far Chris has been pretty impressive tonight. I'm really fixated with both of his performances so far. Usually he bored me to death. I love how he makes this Christina Aguilera song sounds brand new to my ears.
- Juliet Simms & CeeLo Green - Born To Be Wild
Awful!!! The worst performance of the night.
- Tony Lucca & Adam Levine - Yesterday
Very nice!!! I love the guitar pick of this performance. Really pretty!!
- Jermaine Paul - God Gave Me You
He dedicated this song to Blake. Just okay for me.
- Chris Mann - You Raise Me Up
Christina is crying!!! This song is such an overdone song. Can't be more cliche than this song but somehow Chris sold this performance to me. I really liked it. Maybe because I'm in emotional trainwreck tonight that I loved all of his performances.
- Jermaine Paul & Blake Shelton - Soul Man
I like it!! So much fun!!! I'm surprised.
- Tony Lucca - Harder To Breathe
I prefer Casey Abrams version on American Idol's last year. Wow Christina is texting during Tony speech to Adam. Rude!!!
- Juliet Simms - Freebird
Better than her Cryin' performance but can't beat last week's performance or even Roxanne. The production went way over the top for me.

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