Friday, May 04, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 5 Result Show

- Oh time for result already in the beginning of the show. I agree with Jimmy,it was one of the best performance this season. I was very impressed with Joshua Ledet. For sure,recording deal for Joshua. Jacob Lusk must be so envious right now.
- Coldplay performed Paradise. Probably the cachiest song from them. Usually I don't like this band.
- WTF Phillip Phillips is safe again!!!!! There you go,he's going to win this show. Fuck my office pools!! How come we can't get rid of this guy??? Even his weakest night in this competitive battle of Top 5 can't sack him off this show. Unbelievable!!!
- Hollie Cavanagh is in bottom 2.
- Carrie Underwood performed Blown Away. Solid performance,I thought. Although her voice is a bit flat. I don't know about this song. Definitely not country at all. I don't like the song. I think the studio recording is way better. LOL at the wind & glitter. Very over production!! Look,Angelina legs!!
- Wow,Jimmy thought Jessica Sanchez' dress was too racy. Luckily,she's not in bottom 2. She got the votes. I wonder why Skylar Laine didn't get as much the country votes as Lauren Alaina last year.
- WTF Coldplay performs again!!! I thought Carrie gonna perform twice.
- Sigh. Skylar Laine is eliminated. Where's the country votes that propelled Scotty & Lauren to the finale last year?? Skylar is better than two of them combined. This season is getting worse and worse.

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