Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 19: Semifinals Result Show

- Dia Frampton performs Don't Kick The Chair with Kid Cudi. Pretty awesome song.
- Christina Millian showed last year's Top 4. Ouch,finally The Voice care about last year Top 4. I can't imagine how Javier and the others feel that the show don't give a shit about them.
- Christina split the point 50/50 for her team. Coward!! Lindsey needs all the help she can get. Chris Mann advances 104/96 over Lindsey Pavao. Darn it!!! If Christina put more points on Lindsey,she could advance. Her songs always charting on iTunes!! She's very marketable!!
- Vicci Martinez performs Come Along with CeeLo Green. Very nice!!! I loved Vicci's original song from last year. One of the highlight of that season for me.
- Adam gave 60/40 score to Tony Lucca over Katrina Parker. As if,he needs any more help from Adam. Holy shit!!!! Katrina would've advanced if based on America votes alone. Tony got 108/92. If Adam split it in half,Katrina would advance with 52% of America votes. Unbelievable that Katrina won the America votes more than the major favorite with 500.000 Twitter followers Tony Lucca.

- I'm so fuming right now. Fuck this shit!!
- Beverly McClellan sings Money Changes Everything with Cyndi Lauper. That was fantastic performance!! Beverly always delivers the good on the stage. I can't believe that last year we got 2 openly lesbian on Top 4,yet this year already sausage fest on this show. Frauen already took over The Voice.
- Javier Colon performs Drop in The Ocean. He reminds us once again how talented he is and how vocally amazing Javier is.
- Blake split 50/50 for his team. Jermaine Paul got landslide win over Erin Willett. 123/77 which basically 73% win over Erin. Big black penis over big vagina. Gasp!!! Shocking!! Not.

- CeeLo split 60/40 for Juliet. Yay!! Thankfully Juliet advances based on America votes too. 121/79 which basically 61% over Jamar 39%. Yay for at least 1 girl on Top 4.

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