Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 2 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Jessica Sanchez (I Have Nothing)
This song makes me almost impossible to review it. Jessica sings it beautifully as always though. Very tender. Simon Fuller picks the worst song ever. He should be banned from picking any songs ever again for the finale.
- Phillip Phillips (Stand By Me)
I love the accoustic guitar so much in this recording and in the live performance too. But oh my god,the arrangement of this song is too slow. Too sleepy. Awful!!!
- Jessica Sanchez (The Prayer)
Stunning!! Although I prefer the live performance somehow. The end was gorgeous though.
- Phillip Phillips (Movin' Out)
Is this the same exact recording as Billy Joel week or he changes it up?? I don't want to listen to the previous version of this song. This is more rocking than the live performance.
- Jessica Sanchez (Change Nothing)
Wow,this is so different than her live performance.I love it!!! Definitely very pop. The music that I listen to everyday. I don't know whether the drum banging is necessary. Overall,the best recording I've ever heard from Jessica. Very current!! I'll definitely listen to this recording everyday. Great job Jessica!!
- Phillip Phillips (Home)
Definitely very folky. I think this song suits Phillip. I can definitely hear this song on radio or music channel. I love the background vocal singing together in the middle. Giving the recording orchestra feeling. Overall,I think this has more potential on the chart compared to Jessica's single. I'm being objective here.

The best song from this week: Jessica (The Prayer,Change Nothing) and Phillip (Home)

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