Friday, April 27, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 6 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Jessica Sanchez (this is miles better than her live performance,maybe because she can sing the song in full forms. The background vocal,the guitar,everything about it is perfect. I like it!!)
- Skylar Laine (I don't know,it sounds the same with her live performance. Skylar always sounds good on the recording,don't get me wrong. But to be honest,I don't see myself buying her music after Idol. She has that kind of country voice that a bit outside my liking)
- Joshua Ledet (the perfect song for anyone who loves Sam Cooke throwback sound. Sounded like a song from civil rights era for me)
- Elise Testone (I always can't wait to listen to Elise's recording. Because she make it sounds different than her live performance. I really love this. The latter half is pretty cool. Why didn't she do that in her live performance?? It could give more oomph to her performance)
- Phillip Phillips (travesty!!! I can't take this song seriously. Phillip's vocal even made it worse. Vomit!!!)
- Hollie Cavanagh (oh Hollie,why you picked this boring song. It didn't do anything for me. So boring!! It didn't go anywhere melodically. What a drowsy song)

The best recording of the Queen theme: Elise Testone by far. Followed with Jessica.

Personal Choice
- Jessica Sanchez (this is pretty nice recording. Jessica's voice is more subdued and soft. But overall it's pretty boring recording,maybe only Jessica fans will love this recording)
- Skylar Laine (OMG I love this from the first second. I'm shocked that this is a perfect song for Skylar in the recording booth. This song isn't suitable for live performance but it's perfect in the recording. Who knews? One of Skylar's best)
- Joshua Ledet (one of the most boring recording this year. Perfect for insomnia person)
- Elise Testone (shit!! The first notes surprised me!! I almost have a heart attack. LOL. This song is growing on me. I can appreciate this recording,although it's too out there for the general audiences)
- Phillip Phillips (hmm this could be Phillip's best recording so far. The violin and the melody in the background make the song so much better. Wow I'm very impressed. He picked the perfect song for him)
- Hollie Cavanagh (just okay for me. I heard enough of The Climb,it needs massive change in arrangement to make me love this song)

The best recording of this personal choice: Phillip Phillips,Skylar Laine

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