Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 13: Team Adam & Team CeeLo Result Show

- So many filler on this show
- I love Jessie J's Domino song. But her vocal is little bit pitchy in this performance. I love how she's always beaming positivity and energy.
- No surprise that Mathai and Tony Lucca made it. Tony has big fanbase although he performed awful last night. Pip is also safe,maybe he benefitted from his later part position on last night's show.
- Juliet Simms,Jamar Rogers and James Massone are safe. Exactly like my prediction.
- Time for the last chance performances:
- Kim Yarbrough - Spotlight
Why she looks so defeated??? It's almost like she gives up already and throwing out the towel. Urgh I can see her sweat on her breast. HD is not her friend.
- Karla Davis - I Can't Make You Love Me
She has beautiful sweet vocal but she always got drown by the band. The apparent nervous looks that always came from her isn't helping either.
- Katrina Parker - Don't Speak
Katrina clearly has the best voice from Team Adam. I still wish her to let loose a bit and show the rock side of her. I always sense the regular everyday career women from her stage movement,not a star.
- Adam choosed Katrina,the rest of the judges unanimously choosed her too. Great decision!!
- Tony Vincent - Sweet Dreams
Urgh this is better than his performance last night,but it ended abruptly. I prefer Haley Johnsen's version from Idol.
- Cheesa - All By Myself
From the first notes,I already felt the song and the emotion. Almost made me cry. Great job,Cheesa!! Who knows you have it in you,although her vocal is not the best vocal ever,but I felt her emotion singing this song.
- Erin Martin - Your Song
Finally,a serious side from Erin that we haven't seen since her blind audition episode. Uh god,what an awful and colossal trainwreck vocal. Almost like goat being slaughtered on the stage. I can't take this seriously,I laughed nonstop the whole performance.
- Thank god CeeLo picked Cheesa. Although his mind wanted Tony Vincent. I can't stand Tony,Cheesa is better than him.
- Good result show tonight,next week's episode will be so much better with the fodder and some contestants that I hated gone.

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