Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 14: Quarterfinals Part 1 (Team Blake & Team Christina)

Tonight's episode of The Voice was too weird!!! Let's recap:

- Raelynn - She's Country
What's with the southern obsession with real country music??? It just makes me cringe. Watching some rednecks being so proud and bragging about being a hick and rednecks. This is what I think make America right now so divided with us vs them mentality. Sorry for rambling. Raeylnn's performance isn't great like last week,but she's pretty solid. She's very likable and you can't help but liking her. I'm liking her more and more each weeks. This is a fun performance to watch. I bet America gonna vote so hard for this country girl.
- Jesse Campbell - Halo
This performance just flat from the beginning until the chorus kicked in. After that,I began to feel his emotion and he really brought it to church again with this one. Not a perfect song choice for Jesse. I don't know,I just can't connect with him. He's for sure has great voice,but I just don't care with his performances.
- Jordis Unga - Little Bit Stronger
WTF Blake!!! Why you gave country song to a rocker chick??? It's just unbelievable how ridiculous this is. It's going to destroy any credibility that she had. The performance itself was very weak. I didn't feel anything at all. It's just underwhelming. Even Christina and the other coaches struggled to say anything positive to her. It's very obvious that they didn't like this but praised it anyway. Geesh.
- Team Christina Performs Stronger
The Starbucks and the school scene are so staged and fake. Everything feels way too contrived for me. Everyone from Team Xtina acted way too hard to be excited. The choir didn't even look too excited seeing Christina entering their classroom. I'm just sick seeing The Voice coach pimping their music and keeping the spotlight to themself. This is what happened with this performance. Christina looks very slutty. The harmony are off. The choir didn't get the spotlight that I expected. It's just focused on Christina. Urgh.
- Ashley De La Rosa - Foolish Games
OMG I love this song choice for her. This is the best performance of the night. Although some parts were pitchy but the arrangement are fresh,my eyes fixated on this performance the whole time without getting bored at all. I can't say that with other performances tonight. The coaches didn't seem to like it as much as I thought they would. But for me,Ashley is improving and growing week by week.
- Maroon 5 - Payphone
I love this song. The last song that I love from Maroon 5 was Makes Me Wonder. So kudos to Adam!!! I can see this being a massive hit!! Again,more pimping for Adam Levine's career.
- Erin Willett - Set Fire To The Rain
This was weird. I didn't like this at all. I even prefer Eben Franckewitz' version on Idol. Even though it's trainwreck for the majority of Idol fans out there. This was underwhelming for Erin. She couldn't keep up with the band. Her phrasing suffered because of that. Ouch.
- Lindsey Pavao - Part Of Me
Her first song choice made me excited. Until she changed her song choice. Xtina,please don't interfere with contestant song choice!!! Let them sing whatever they want!!! This is godawful!!! I couldn't wait for it to end. Lindsey's worst performance so far. Everything that's unique about Lindsey gone missing from this performance. WTF at CeeLo not knowing this Katy Perry's song??
- Team Blake Performs Heartache Tonight
Another dragging country performance. The song was terrible.
- Jermaine Paul - Against All Odds
Why oh why he's singing this song??? I just tuned out because I hate this overdone songs so much. Jermaine's vocal isn't helping either. So awful!!!! I don't understand why the coaches love him. Really don't!!!!
- Chris Mann - Viva La Vida
Another awful song choice for tonight. An opera man singing Coldplay song. What the hell!!!! Seriously,I wanted to cry because how terrible this performance was. Urghhhhhh!!!!
- Time for instant elimination that Carson said in the beginning of the show. Christina just rambling on and on for eternity. OMG she's eliminating Jesse Campbell!!! I'm so shocked!!!! Isn't he a frontrunner in Christina's team???????? Blake eliminated Jordis Unga because she didn't got enough votes from America last week. Woah!!!! 2 great contestants gone. I don't understand why they implemented this new method and not wait for tomorrow. This show is so jumping the shark. Tonight was dragging,I was so bored. No more watching The Voice for me for next year's Season 3.

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