Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 12: Live Show 2 (Team Adam & Team CeeLo)

- Katrina Parker - Tonight Tonight
I can see why Adam saw similarity with Adele on her. She did a great job performing this song. Better than my expectation. I love her vocal,although the bandzilla was very loud. I didn't hear the pitch that the judges mentioned. I wish Katrina will let loose more the next time.
- Cheesa - Don't Leave Me This Way
Urgh,I felt like watching an Asian karaoke show. The disco light,the stage and everything,including her vocal resembled the Asian night clubs in the 80's. Awful!!! Also she looks like that Malboro monster from Final Fantasy with her eyelashes and makeup. Sorry!! But her vocal is better in this performance than in the past.
- Tony Lucca - In Your Eyes
This felt like lounge performance. Tony is unrecognizable without his hat. This is really underwhelming. I'm shocked that Christina slammed him in her critique. Why didn't he impress me?? For an indie performer like Tony who already popular in some indie circuit,he should blow me away with his performance.
- Kim Yarbrough - Rolling In The Deep
I just can't listen to this song anymore. I hated this song to begin with,I don't see what catchy about this song. Plus,this song been sung so many times on all singing show,I just had enough already. Too bad Kim didn't show anything with her big vocal,what a disappointment. She will get the boot tomorrow,I think.
- James Massone - Don't Know Why
LOL at the stage with the park chair and the leaves. James is so charming!!! Although his voice is really soft and thin,but I got to give it to this guy. He really knows how to charm the ladies and the camera. I love this performance,somehow I got mesmerized by his beautiful vocal and charming persona. I'm sold!!! I hope he will get through tomorrow.
- Juliet Simms - Roxanne
Wow!!! I was fixated since the first second she opened her mouth. Easily the best performance so far!!! She really really impressed me with this performance. I really love it!!! She just killed it and brought the house down.
- Mathai - Ordinary People
What a beautiful vocal!!!! So gorgeous!! Stunning delivery from the beginning to end!! She got the "it" factor,for sure!! I love how they made it acapella in the beginning and accoustic after that.
- Tony Vincent - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
I didn't get it!!! I just tuned out really fast watching this performance. What's the deal with those podium and dictator vibe?? Tony just looks like Voldemort to me,and I don't like his voice.
- Karla Davis - Airplanes
She suffered because of her nerve. Really underwhelming performance,almost in trainwreck territory. I love her song choice,but she couldn't reach so many of the notes in this performance. Really awful!!! Bye bye Karla!!
- Erin Martin - Walk Like An Egyptian
WTF moment for me!!! This is just a fucking joke!!! It's not even entertaining,after the first few seconds,it beginning to bore me to death.
- Pip - When You Were Young
Why is he wearing latex?? I can almost see his bulge. Yikes!!! I give him kudos for trying to perform rock song but it just stayed there and didn't go anywhere for me. He could be in danger tomorrow.
- Jamar Rogers - Are You Going To Go My Way
Jamar really killed his performance. Awesome vocal,great staging,everything just going perfectly for him. This just shows what an amazing talents Season 8 of American Idol was.

Overall,very entertaining night. Even more entertaining than last week. I thought it's gonna be a boring night because I hate some of tonight's contestants,I loved last week's batch way more than this week. But the performances tonight really entertained me and very fun to watch. I'm surprised that Adam threw a lot of his team under the bus. Christina just doesn't have a good poker face,we could saw when she doesn't like some performances,although she's really trying to praise and sweet talk that particular contestants. My prediction for tomorrow,from Team CeeLo who will be safe: Jamar,Juliet,James. From Team Adam: Mathai,Tony. Karla is a toast!! Kim and Pip could be safe. I want Katrina to be safe but I don't know whether she has fanbase. Team CeeLo has clear frontrunner than Team Adam.

My Rank:

1. Juliet Simms
2. Mathai
3. James Massone
4. Jamar Rogers
5. Katrina Parker
6. Pip
7. Cheesa
8. Karla Davis
9. Tony Lucca
10. Kim Yarbrough
11. Erin Martin
12. Tony Vincent

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