Friday, April 06, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 8 Result Show

- Wow at J Lo Dance Again video. So hot!!!! The beat is way better in this video than what I heard on youtube. I wonder how middle america will feel when they see this video with their children.
- What's wrong with Joshua? Is he having a vertigo? Btw why Jimmy depimp Jessica and pimp Joshua??? Weird!!!
- The guys of The Wanted can't sing at all. What a horrible vocal!!! Thank god they're not competing on Idol or they will get booted so fast in hollywood week.
- Is Skylar the hidden TCO? Wow Jimmy didn't think Colton's performance was great. Deandre got blasted by Jimmy. I agree in some sense. Deandre is definitely the weakest guys in this competition but he was one of the best last night. Deandre and Hollie Cavanagh in bottom 3.
- Urgh at Kellie Pickler performance. This is her worst performance ever. The song is dull!!! She's already performed more than 4 times on the show,right? Why she gets special treatment??? She wasn't even in Top 2 on Season 5. Where's other Idol alumni??? I want to see Melinda Doolittle (she's the best on Season 6 but hasn't got invited once on the show). Where is Carly Smithson?? Why they haven't invited Mandisa to perform at all??? She makes her name on Christian music scene. Even David Archuleta only performed once,I think.
- STFU Phillip!!!! Jimmy is right!! You're so complacent already!! Every performance looks and sounds the same. Jimmy didn't mean you should hop around the stage and shake everybody's hands. He meant you should improve your vocal,for god's sake. Urgh at Elise Testone in bottom 3.
- Holy shit,Hollie is safe!! Thank god I didn't move my point to her on office pools.
- Phew,Elise is safe. Deandre Brackensick is eliminated. I'm so relieved that they didn't use the save. Shake my head at J Lo for thinking to use the save. Sigh.
- My office pools is a total disaster this year.

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