Friday, April 13, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 7 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Skylar Laine (the live performance has more raw vocal and feeling,but this is still a pretty solid recording. I love the electric keyboard sound or something in the early part of the song. One of the best from Skylar)
- Colton Dixon (oh wow,Colton's beautiful vocal always shines on slow tempo song. He definitely can give Matt Giraud a run for his money. I really love this recording. One of his best,arguably his best)
- Jessica Sanchez (I'm not a fan of R&B or soul music,so that's why I'm little bit ambivalence on Jessica everytime she sings that type of music on the show. I think this is a pretty good effort. A bit faster than the live version though)
- Joshua Ledet (don't see any difference compared to live version. Joshua's retro throwback style is just not my thing. Sorry!)
- Hollie Cavanagh (Hollie has been disappointing me on her runs so far on the show. She can't connect with the song,I don't feel a thing when she sings although I really wanted to. But I admit her voice is crystal clear and I can see myself buy her album someday. I wish this recording has more feeling in it,I just don't think she relate with this song at all. I don't blame her,she might lead a comfortable life,so that's why she can't connect with the material)
- Phillip Phillips (not gonna lie,the saxophone makes me love the performance even more and this recording too. I'm surprised that Phillip's voice lost all the grit that usually annoys me. His voice got polished in the booth,but that makes me love this. One of his best)
- Elise Testone (pretty dull recording,Elise can do so many things with her voice but this song just doesn't work for her. Haley's version forever etched on my mind)

The best recording this week: Colton Dixon.

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