Friday, April 13, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 7 Result Show

- OMG I love this group performance. So much fun!!! Raise Your Glass is a perfect song for all their voices. Who knews?!
- LOL at the fan mail. So random. Uh oh,Hollie vs Jessica again. Hollie needs to learn a lot and catch up to Jessica.
- Higher Than Heaven is the best song on James Durbin's album. I love it!! James can't hit the high notes in the end but it's okay. No worry,it's still a rocking performance. I wonder whether the midwest might complain about this metal thing.
- Urgh the nonstop commercial is killing me.
- Hmm Hollie & Phillip in one side and Jessica & Elise in another side. Which group is safe?
- Don't have any opinion on Jennifer Hudson & Ne-Yo performance. J Hud is lucky Idol invited her so many times.
- I'm very surprised that they didn't huff Colton or Phillip. Is Skylar leading the pack in the votes?? Hollie,Phillip,Colton,Skylar are safe. I knew it!! Phillip Phillips & Colton Dixon are too strong to be in bottom 3. Hollie Cavanagh is safe because of pity votes.
- Joshua Ledet,Elise Testone and Jessica Sanchez in bottom 3. Lots of people predicted Jessica in bottom 3 because of Nigel,Ryan,TMZ shocking tweet. Holy shit!!! Joshua is safe!!
- WTF Jessica is the lowest vote getter. I'm so happy for Elise,but my jaw dropped to the floor for the whole 10 minutes. Crazzzyyyyy!!!! Unbelievable that Jessica got the lowest votes.
- Anti climactic judges save ever!!!! Everything is so awkward!!! I think Jessica blew her chance to be in the finale. The votes the guys got are too strong. Sigh. America clearly wants 5th WGWG in a row!! I'm speechless right now. Still can't wrap my head around today's result.

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