Friday, April 20, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 7 Redux iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Hollie Cavanagh (it seems they intentionally make this recording as close to Adele sound as possible. For everybody who like that sound,they might like this one. But not me. Hollie still sounds great though on the recording)
- Colton Dixon (I love Colton's rock arrangement of Bad Romance. I love that Gaga song but after a while it's normal to get bored,because that song has been played a lot. I admire Colton for doing a refreshing take on that song. Really like this one!! I will miss Colton)
- Elise Testone (wow I don't know why but I really like this recording from Elise. Elise beautiful voice with the arrangement,make me like this way more than her live performance. I'm really surprised because I'm already tired of any overdone Alicia Keys song)
- Phillip Phillips (wow I'm also impressed with this Phillip's recording. His voice is passable in this one,still love the saxophone,I enjoy it)
- Jessica Sanchez (Jessica's voice still great as always,but I can't stand this song. One of the most overdone songs in the last 10 years)
- Skylar Laine (I officially hate Born This Way now,Skylar for sure make this anthem song interesting with country twist. But it sounds too weird to me. Skylar will have great country career though after Idol end)
- Joshua Ledet (I enjoy this recording more than his live performance. This cheesy coronation song helped me liking his tone.)

The best recording from Now songs: Colton Dixon,Elise Testone. Hollie and Phillip also did good.

- Hollie Cavanagh (I like this 2nd song of Hollie more than her RITD. Also her live performance of Son of A Preacher Man is growing on me. I can see me buying Hollie album in the future. Because I love her tone and I think she's going to go on pop direction which is my genre. Although Hollie isn't really my fave this season because she's been disappointing me with her runs so far except this week)
- Colton Dixon (OMG I love this recording. One of Colton's best. I don't care if everyone hate this arrangement because it destroyed the essence of the song. But I really can't stand another karaoke version of September. Colton did a fresh take on this song,whether it's emo or not. I really applaud him for taking risk. I can't wait to hear what his album gonna sound like)
- Elise Testone (what a boring song!!! I know so many people love this song,but I just can't get into this song anymore. It's been done to death. I think only Matt Giraud sang this song justice on Season 8. It's just a weird song for Elise to sing. Doesn't work at all for her voice)
- Phillip Phillips (this recording didn't do anything to me. Next!!!)
- Jessica Sanchez (I don't know why I can't get into Jessica's studio recording. She has great voice for sure but can't get myself to listen for the 2nd times)
- Skylar Laine (Skylar's live performance is growing on me. I'm shocked because I really hate this grapevine song. No one sang this song great on Idol from what I remember. I enjoy this recording too. Who knew this song became a bit better with country arrangement. LOL)
- Joshua Ledet (urgh still can't get into Joshua's tone. I never like soul or oldies motown song anyway. Might as well move on)

The best recording from Then songs: Colton Dixon hands down. Hollie and Skylar after that.

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