Friday, April 20, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 7 Redux Result Show

- OMG the opening said another shock rocks Idol. NOOOOO. Please not Colton!!!
- Taylor Hicks and Elliot Yamin spotted in the audiences. Season 5 FTW!!
- This song Dancing In The Street is so cheesy. Only Naima made it interesting last year. I don't like this group performance.
- Hollie Cavanagh vs Joshua Ledet. More pimping for Joshua to be in finale. Sigh. I don't get the love for Joshua. He hasn't been that great lately. I can understand the love for his earlier performances,but not his recent performances. Hollie is in bottom 3.
- Kris Allen performs The Vision of Love. LOL at Taylor announcing his name. Classic Taylor!! The band drowned Kris voice a bit. But nice job!!! I hope this song will climb up the chart.
- Sigh Elise!! It's hard to make you likable for the viewers. It's just who you are. You're too good for this show. Elise Testone definitely can't play the Idol game. She didn't even watch Idol unlike the others contestants.
- What an awful song by LMFAO. Their worst song yet. The only good thing is the zebra.
- Sigh Colton is doomed. I don't know why everyone hated his performances last night. Jimmy didn't like his staging etc.
- Bottom 3 are Elise,Hollie and Colton. Elise is safe. Yay!! She's unreal!!! She survived the bottom 3 so many times. LOL.
- Looks like Colton gonna go home. I'm preparing to cry.
- Colton is eliminated. I'm just speechless. :( :( :( :( i don't know what made him went from the top to going home. Bad Romance might've scared his christian voting base. His "I don't care" comment in the clip might upset some viewers,but right now I'm used to his personality.
- What a classy dude!! Apologizing for last night performance and all that. Giving the last sing out to God. Don't know why,but this doesn't turn me off. In some way,it makes me emotional watching this performance. Don't make me cry,Colton. You're gonna do big on Christian Contemporary Music world.

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