Friday, April 27, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 6 Result Show

- Queen Extravaganza performed. I don't like Queen songs.
- TMZ segment wasn't funny AT ALL!!
- Elise is in bottom 3 again. Wrong song choice,said Jimmy Iovine. I kinda agree,she could've picked better song to highlight her voice.
- Stefano Langone performing I'm On A Roll is one of the most entertaining performance from Idol alumni this year.
- Wow even Hollie best performance still put her on bottom 3. Joshua definitely got that casual votes from the viewers.
- Katy Perry performed Part of Me. Pretty good,I must say.
- Wow Phillip is really undefeatable. I'm so sick of it!!
- Skylar is in bottom 3 and safe immediately. Elise is doomed.
- Elise and Hollie in bottom 2. Elise Testone is eliminated. I'm done with this season.
- I don't have the excitement anymore for the upcoming weeks. I hate Phillip's voice and Joshua's voice. Hollie is weak and uneven. I didn't feel anything when Jessica sings. Skylar is the only one that could deliver some good performances. What an underwhelming Top 5!! I agree that this is the most talented Top 5 ever but that doesn't say much. In previous seasons,even if we have some weaker contestant left on Top 5 but there were some contestants that I love to death. This season,nope!!

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